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Dr. Amie Miller

After completing her medicine studies, Dr. Amie Miller completed two residencies. The first one, a 5-year general surgery residency at Wright State University, and the second one was a 3-year plastic surgery residency at the University of Tennessee.

After spending 8 years studying and in the operating room, she completed a craniofacial fellowship at the prestigious Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Dr. Miller is a professional characterized for listening to patients’ priorities and providing them with appropriate advice at every stage of the surgery process. She has achieved incredible results with the surgeries she has performed, her patients are happy and grateful with her and the great job she has done.

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We are plastic surgeons specialized in breast, body and facial surgery.
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Breasts are one of women’s most prominent, beautiful and feminine features. They can go through many changes in a woman's life, from motherhood to weight loss.

Achieving your Ideal body is no longer a wish, it’s a reality that can be achieved at Ideal Plastic Surgery. From fatty bulges, excess skin, to hip dips.

What can be more important than your face? It is a reflection of your life and your choices, so why not put your best face forward?


She is an excellent surgeon, I am still shocked that I felt no pain after my breast augmentation, she has miraculous hands, thank you for everything!
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